It’s August, not July or December, so you are probably thinking what the fuss is about on making your content rock in August. After all, there’s nothing special happening in August (you think).

Well, believe it or not, August is basically the month before the end of the year. It’s the month before everyone gets into the frenzy and mood of ‘the end is nigh’. So, after this month, the buying begins. After this month Sales begin. After this month, the interesting travels begin. After this month, the job hunt for a new year begins.
Of course, you are already getting the hang of why your content needs to rock this month – you don’t want to wait till next month to pile the sales on or bring the business in.
You need to plan now and your plan is nothing without awesome content in place.

You don’t need more contents, you simply need better content. Create content that solves users questions way before they even think about sending a mail or calling a customer representative. Your content should answer a question, offer a solution or shed more light on a subject. Never create content because it’s the ‘trend’. If it doesn’t help your user, take it off

So, get your team ready. Let your social media strategy take a new interesting face. Stir up the fire in your marketing team. Become more tactical in your thinking. Content is king this month of August.