A week ago, the team at Buffer decided to do a 25 Day Social Media Strategy recourse via email. And it’s been interesting and insightful.
Here are 5 highlights of the strategies shared so far:

1) Share the same content multiple times: According to a Wisemetrics study found that, on average, the second tweet gets 86% as much performance as the first one, and even after 6 repetitions, you’re still at 67% of the first tweet.
Buffer therefore incites that you share your content multiple times in order to reach those who missed it the first time!
Tweak your message: alternate the headline, pull out a quote, share an image, etc. This way you have something new to share.

2) Include an animated GIF in “thank you” tweets: According to their study thanking Twitter users for sharing your content can lead to 1 in 4 of those thank you tweets resulting in a follow. To take it up a notch, include an animated GIF. GIFs are like live wires for spreading good cheer.

3) Move your social sharing buttons around: You should test which one works for you – Having your social sharing buttons at the top, bottom or floating with the content? Try new places and see which gets more results. According to Venture Harbour, they tested the location of the social share buttons on their blogposts, finding that a floating sidebar with sharing buttons increased the rate of sharing by 52%.

4) Use current events to boost your posts’s visibility: Try to align your content with the trend from time to time. As Aaron says, “The main reason is that trending topics are the stories your fans are already talking about!” So, share timely content and be on top of your game.

5) Save a stockpile of your best tweets and updates: According to Buffer, they’ve got a heap of tweets and updates that have done really well on their social channels. So, what you should do is have a stock pile where you can then pull from these greatest hits when you are doing your reposting on social media.