So you looking to increase your conversion rate in 2016? Below are practical ways get to your conversion rates up



It’s 2016, your users expect the same (or even better) experience they jab on desktop, on their mobile phones. Make sure the mobile experience is great.


Know, understand and segment who your target audience is and design for them.



Once #2 is has been established, you need to find out who your users are. The kind of devices they use. Their most preferred browsers, where they surf the web, how they use others/competitor’s website. etc


Keep the “Our vision/our mission” away for now. Use phrases and words that clearly communicates how you can help your users achieve a task.



Images that portray strong emotions can improve conversion rates greatly. Use good quality images and be sure to optimize them for mobile.


Help your users make quick decisions by giving them the option of chatting with a customer care representative (not a robot). Put systems in place for awesome and quick customer response time, and make sure your users are getting good service.


Some users just prefer to speak to someone in your company before they make a final decision. Show your phone number(s), pick the phone.


Another great way to be more human on the web is to use videos. Using a video of people speaking about your product or service is always great to show your users what you are about and what the value of your product/service.


Social sign up makes way for fast sign up, and is a fantastic marketing tool. Make sure social sign up is an integral part of your marketing process.


Flaunt your super powers. Tell your users why you are better off than your competitors in precise and valuable points.


Information on your website needs to be grouped and connected logically. Make sure the information is well put together for easy navigation.

Only ask for the little information you need to establish a proper communication with your users. Take out the optional fields (it’s optional anyways).  The most completed forms have 3 fields.


Machine language: ‘input in email field is not valid’. Human language: ‘Please provide a functional email address’.  Error messages should help your users get the forms field out not tell your server what the user did wrong.


Help users get back on track when they click on a broken link or enter the wrong information and they need to make corrections.



A button should look like a button. Don’t make your users question which element is clickable on your page.



Dedicated landing pages are great for selling a specific service or product. It takes out the cluster and helps focus on one thing and it’s also great for showing off the great features of your product or service


Let your users know their credentials are safe with you. Show that you use SSL (if you do). Show that payments are encrypted (if you receive e-payments).


Test on all browsers. Test on all major devices your users would use. Test for various and every scenario possible.