Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by Design
“I have a number of real moments of happiness in my life…I actually looked at them from a design standpoint and just eliminated all the ones that had nothing to do with design. And, very surprisingly, over half of them had, actually, something to do with design.”
Stefan Sagmeister is renowned for album covers, posters and his book of life lessons. He has a slightly different way of looking at things. In this TED talk, he describes moments and pinpoints maps of happiness in his life using these to show us how happiness and design walk hand-in-hand.



Krista Donaldson: Designing Products That Change the World
Krista Donaldson uses design to fight jaundice, create prosthetic limbs, and solve some of the developing world’s most vexing problems.
In this 99U talk, she offers a peek into her team’s design process for getting complicated medical treatments to all corners of the world for a price anyone can afford. She leverages on this to explain how to design products that can change the world especially from a medical and mechanical point of view.


Tim Brown: Designers — think big!
The first is that design is human-centered. It may integrate technology and economics, but it starts with what humans need, or might need. What makes life easier, more enjoyable? What makes technology useful and usable? But that is more than simply good ergonomics, putting the buttons in the right place. It’s often about understanding culture and context before we even know where to start to have ideas.



Michael Bierut: How to Use Graphic Design
Michael Bierut is a partner in the New York office of the international design consultancy Pentagram. In this Google Talk, Michael talks about how he discovered graphic design and decided to explore the field. He touches on what graphic design really entails and the encompassing nature of logo designs.



Anna Tou: Tasting Menu
Anna Tou is a design director at Chipotle. In this short AIGA clip she shares the ins, outs, ups, and downs of building an in-house design team. At an agency, design is the product. Anna uses this platform to describe how you build a design culture, find wins, and continue to evolve creatively when your company’s primary focus is something totally different.



Sebastian Deterding: What Your Designs Say About You
“Products are vivid arguments about how we should live our lives.” Our designs are not ethical or unethical in that they’re using ethical or unethical means of persuading us. They have a moral component just in the kind of vision and the aspiration of the good life that they present to us. Sebastian Deterding is an interface designer who thinks deeply about persuasive and gameful design. In this TED talk, Sebastian shows how our visions of morality and “the good life” are reflected in the design of objects around us.



Josh Reich: Design Is Not a Department
Josh Reich hated his bank. He was tired of overdraft fees and being treated like a number. Some years ago, Josh founded Simple, formerly BankSimple, a company that is working to radically redesign banking by using modern technology to help people worry less about money.
In this talk, Reich walks us through Simple’s ever-evolving “human oriented” design process that forgoes a design department. Instead, every employee is given the agency to create.



Jacek Utko: Can Design Save Newspapers?
“Newspapers are dying for a few reasons. Readers don’t want to pay for yesterday’s news, and advertisers follow them. Your iPhone, your laptop, is much more handy than New York Times on Sunday. And we should save trees in the end. So it’s enough to bury any industry. So, should we rather ask, “Can anything save newspapers?”
Jacek Utko is an extraordinary Polish newspaper designer whose redesigns for papers in Eastern Europe not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. Can good design save the newspaper? Jacek Utko thinks so.