This is not a conclusive list. It’s actually a list of my favorite websites that I can swear have helped me mentally and in my daily work/life. These are platform that I chill at. They are simple, real and beautifully engaging websites. So, here they are:


Fubiz Media is one of the largest online magazines in France that delivers the latest creative news about art, design and pop-culture. It is a website with a focus and perspective on inspiration as it relates to art and Pop Culture. I love reading Fubiz for their short, snarky bites of news. Their content isn’t overwhelming or burdensome to digest. And they follow their articles with images that will make your heart pop.

Invision Blog:

Invision blog as it innately implies is the thought-piece(s) aspect of the Invision app, an app/tool that designers prototype in and makes good changes in real time. The Invision blog is a curation of thoughts, advice, case studies by designers for designers. Designers share the things that help them feel more focused, happy, and productive.
User Experience Rocks:
I love love Jennifer Aldrich’s doodles. They are simple, straightforward and hit the nail on the head in a humorous way. Asides from the doodles, User Experience Rocks is a well of resources for designers and content strategists. Jennifer shares a lot of deep and well encapsulated

Signal vs Noise:

Signal vs Noise is Basecamp’s blog where the staff and humans of Basecamp share their insights, work in progress and product management lessons. An ‘official’ description of the blog puts it as a blog with “strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and tech. By the makers (and friends) of Basecamp. Since 1999.”
I love the fresh, no-nonsense perspective that Signal vs Noise brings to addressing issues.

The New Yorker:

Reading the New Yorker takes me to another plane and dimension mentally. As a lover of how words flow and how expressions are formed in the mind. I cherish the manner of writings that I encounter on the New Yorker. Prosaic lines of poetry and metaphors that conjur the weight/consequence of issues in ways you probably did not think about before.
Of course, I also love the fact that most topics/pieces on the website are well researched.

Brain Pickings:

Apart from the fact that I’m in awe of Maria Popova and the amazing way she puts her thoughts down, Brain Pickings is a beautiful website for the arty and writing fanatic. It’s a treasure trove of literary goodness. Maria Popova collects, curates and publishes in a manner that is akin to feeding you with marrows.

Content Marketing Institute and Top Rank Blog:

Let’s just say CMI and TopRank blog has been instrumental to mental and technical development in the Content Marketing universe. I chill on these platforms to see what’s new, what works in the industry and what doesn’t.

Growth Hackers:

Growth Hackers is fantastic for a daily dose of industry tips on Product dev, Email/Content nerdguments, and growth/marketing case studies that will make your head work round the clock.


What are your favorite websites and blogs?