The Intersection of Product and Content Marketing

Product marketing is a combination of two things – providing feedback from the customers/users to influence and help build the product better; and a pseudo-sales role which includes putting the positioning/messaging (personas, pricing, competitive intelligence) together, therefore helping the product team and marketing team achieve their goals.

This helps you have a great communication structure between Product and Marketing, understanding your product and the market you serve.


The relationship between Product and Content Marketing

Content marketing is aimed at attracting and retaining customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content for the purpose of changing or enhancing user behavior. Product marketers, learn to tell their product stories and compose narratives for effective communication and understanding especially for selling to the prospects, so they can jump from demo to signing on.

Content marketers according to Jesse Noyes, Director of Product Marketing & Inbound at Kahuna, are like mini-journalists crafting stories and using content to help through the product use and sales/acquisition journey.

Michelle Linn of Content Marketing Institute describes it best:

“Education(done with content marketing) creates a better customer; product pitches are focused on sales talking about feature/function only addresses pain points for those who know they want to buy. What about those who know they have an issue but can’t articulate the problem, let alone the solution? As the often-quoted Henry Ford said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

If you only focus on pitching your product, you won’t be able to connect with people who are looking to solve challenges. By the time they know they need a solution, chances are they may have found an affinity for another brand which has answered their questions along the way.

But, when content marketing is done well, it helps with everything from building brand awareness through sales to customer retention and up-sell. You, as a content marketer, can get much more than a sale. ”

Usually, people differentiate Content Marketing from Product Marketing along two parallel lines. However, from experience, it is clear that there is conjugation between the two. Working hand in hand together is the best thing that can happen for a Product.