In this day and age, Messaging has become our go-to form of communication.
 It’s natural to send a message whenever we want to interact with friends, family, and even companies. Picking up the phone? That’s a last resort—especially when you’re shopping for products.


Most of us no longer want a sales associates to help us make a decision about what to buy. They’re just around to show us where we can find what we’ve already researched and are ready to buy.


We’ve done this because it’s difficult to find a person we trust to help us with our purchasing needs. Often, we don’t trust the advice of the person in the store. We’ll ask our friends for advice and search online for any information we can find about the thing we need to buy.


So, imagine that you can integrate the interpersonal capabilities of messaging into e-commerce and execute the integration amazingly well. This case study by Ben Peck, the Principal Product Designer at Needle about how they integrated the two seamlessly.


Still on ecommerce design note, if you’ve generally asked yourself the question – “How can I create a compelling ecommerce experience”
Get into a creative mindset by challenging the step that’s most difficult to solve. Mike Wolf describes a couple of steps and challenges that you should set. Examples of challenges:


    – How will you acquire users?
    – Once you get users, how will you get them to come back and buy again?


It’s fine if you don’t immediately come up with answers—there are no shortcuts here, and you’ll need to put a lot of thought into the question while it’s in the back of your mind for weeks. Or months.


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