Understanding UX design can give you deeper insight into consumer needs, behaviors, and motivations, keep your skills relevant in a digital world and increase your value in the job market. With a fundamental understanding of UX principles, you can better communicate with more teams at your company, create user-centric marketing campaigns, and learn to solve the right problem at the right time.

In a General Assembly post by Laura Leebove, she asks Will Greenaway for his expert point of view on the growing field of UX and how to get started in it. Here are his responses to the questions asked
In one sentence, how would you define UX design?
UX design is an approach to solving problems so a product fits exactly with the problems and goals users need the product to solve.

What can a person or business accomplish with good UX design?
User experience design is applicable to many aspects of life. You can use the techniques to help solve any problem you might encounter, even outside of technology. If you’re creating any type of product or running any type of business you can use UX methods to find out exactly what needs to be delivered to customers. When a customer can receive exactly what they need, and exactly what they were sold, your business is a true success. Customers will tell others about your product. Then your business goals of generating revenue, growth, and customer engagement are increased because the product will provide a solution to whatever problem the user purchased it to solve.

What are some common misconceptions about UX design?
That UX is somehow all about visual design or designing the interface of a website. These elements are an important part of the user experience, but UX design is about a user’s behavior, needs, goals, and dreams, and how to best deliver a product that meets all of these areas of the user’s experience.

He furthermore advises that anyone who wants to break into the UX design industry should go out to meetups and make friends in the industry, the work comes as a result of making an effort to be involved with the local community.

Although the term UX “user experience design” is often defined in the context of Visual or Graphic Design and the design of digital platform and how the flow of intended use – e.g the interface design of digital products, websites, mobile apps etc. However, in actuality, user experience (UX) design is more than that, and it’s used across every industry, from software to business, to schools, and beyond.
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