This is something I mulled and chewed in my mind a couple of years ago about business, marketing and user experience that are still relevant today. Even though Technology, Trends, and Innovation in themselves are often overstated and their uses sometimes not well analyzed, some things never go out of fashion. Here are two things that never go out of fashion:precision
Precision is Key
Which would you prefer, a man who expresses himself in a thousand words or a man who expresses himself in four sentences?
I’m sure you’ll pick Mr. Four Sentence.
In all the things we handle or deal with, precision is very valuable. It saves time, energy and gives you an aura of seamless professionalism.
Precision can be described as accuracy, exactness, aptness and being without wastage.
Can your work and delivery be described with the qualities mentioned?

Premium versus Discounted
When you hear or see the word “premium”, the first thing that comes to your mind is a high price. And it makes you interested in that product or service or service even though you may not purchase, eventually.
In the same vein putting a “premium” tag on you is sometimes necessary. Now, I’m not saying that you give yourself a price hike. I’m simply saying know what you’re worth and bargain accordingly. Put on the armor of good negotiations when you are dealing with anybody, business wise. A good air of premium will not do you any wrong. So, when you go see that client, or you go for that high-pro interview; do a good research on salary ranges and work yourself well.
Even when you know that you may not sell your skill, service or product at the price you set. Set the price, still. You can lower it and tell them you are giving it to them at a discount.
Discounts work best in a premium environment and price. Both parties win in the end. As they get what they want at a fairly good price.
Learn the skill of negotiation. Understand premium. Don’t hike prices and don’t sell yourself short. I’m learning these things too.