Ideas are a million a dime, they say. It is not the one who has an idea that is to be praised, it is the one who works on it to manifestation that gets the rewards. It goes the same way for Products,
In a recent tweet thread by J.K Rowling, author of Harry Potter, she reiterates the importance of creating and getting the work done as against simply thinking about getting your work done.

So, how do you execute or churn out your new Product ideas over and over?
Here’s a guideline that I absolutely love:
Ben Tossell, Community Lead at Product Hunt sometime last week wrote a Medium post about the process and tools he uses to get a launch out there. Quickly ๐Ÿš€
I really love how he breaks down his checklist for working on and shipping a new product within a 2-week mark.
Idea – Ask yourself what your idea is and the problem it solves and write it down.
Plan – Map out a concise plan that quickly gets you in the mental space to execute on time.
Talk to People – Bounce your idea off someone in your network.
Mockups – Draw up different versions of how your product will look like.
Decide the best – Pick out the one that best portrays the execution you want.
Build – Create it.
Launch – And then put it out there to be seen and used.
His motto is this, “When you can churn out products quickly and often, you realize that itโ€™s less of a big deal than you thought. You get less attached and likely to have an open mind to feedback, changing the focus or accepting it turned out shit.

Read the rest of his post and the tools he recommends here and check out Tanner Christensen’s post on how to talk about your Side Projects.