Productivity is one of those subjects that fascinates economists and bores, or mystifies, almost everyone else. However, for every working individual, there are tools that irrevocably help you get shit done, especially as it affects your output and delivery system. These tools are what we’ve outlined in this post, to give you a feel of the tools and apps we use here every day to achieve our set goals.

Photoshop for creating high-level visual representation of our prototypes.

Illustrator to create vectors, shapes, logos, and wireframes. Basically, making vectorized art and design.

Invision is what we use for creating an interactive experience of our prototypes. So, clients can have a real life feel of what the final look of a Product/Website.

Sketch for creating mobile iOS/Andriod apps interface.

Coolors for trying new color palettes before launching design any software we are working on.

Skype for communicating with clients, product owners and team members involved in any project we are doing.

UserTesting for compiling solid user test especially for clients looking to do a remote testing.

WordPress is where we summon the content genie into for our blog posts and publishing ideas. It’s the platform we use for producing new content and reviving old ones.

Google Analytics: GA gives us a breakdown of general website data, so we use to monitor and measure. GA is the tool we use for measuring everything happening on our product and for Clients Content/Content Marketing.

TweetDeck: TweetDeck is the tool we use to schedule our tweets and co-ordinate some level of social monitoring.

Feedly: This is where we log a repository of heart and brain warming websites, blogs and interesting findings. So we can see when there new content updates from all of these websites at a go.

Google Docs: Google Docs is our collaboration unit. We create, assemble, fine tune and points, thoughts, and ongoing projects here.

Pexels: Pexels is our go to stock photo place, so we don’t have to worry about taking pictures for our content. The fantastic thing about this tool is that the images are of great quality and they are free.