Running a Design and Content platform means that you come across a myriad of amazing designers, product builders and all round awesome creators. Designers, builders and conjurers of tools/products that make life and living better are the bedrock of innovation. We are aware of how important designers are to everything great and tangible, so in that line of thought, we are sharing with you, the designers that we are crazy about!
Gleb Kuznetsov is our founder’s favourite!

Gleb Kuznetsov is the Product designer and Design Director at Fantasy. He has designed Payment products, Healthcare products, Saas products. Specialising in user Interfaces, usability area including automotive, mobile OS, apps, web, IoT, TV and multiscreen platforms, he is a product designer with 15 years intensive experience originally from Moscow. Gleb started programming at the age of 11 and decided to harp in on design at the age of 15.
In an interview with Frank Rapacciuolo, Product Designer at Musixmatch, Gleb describes his design method and approach to creative process “Before going to the Photoshop, I use a number of other products to analyse the markets and products. For me, the assurance that the product I designed would be useful to and effective on the audiences and customers is of crucial importance. I also have a sixth sense that helps me detect the requirements and tastes of my clients which aid project delivery.
At times the project is aesthetically tuned in, at times it becomes art or just functional or creative of new markets. I open the Photoshop only when I am completely sure of what I would like to achieve and use it to finalise the project.

As the design director at Fantasy, Gleb Kuznetsov designs clean, futuristic user interfaces and jaw-dropping animations. At the beginning of 2017, Envato recognised his work in their 36 creative people to watch in 2017.
What we especially love about Gleb is his attention to details and the fact that he’s not scared of trying new ideas.


Gleb Kuznetsov is a fantastic futuristic designer. He has handled Product Design at Nokia, Social Discovery Ventures and has Consulted for HighLoad Internet services and incredibly complex multiplatform projects.
You should follow his work on Dribble, Fantasy & Twitter.