Hand-crafted applications for forward thinking organisations.

Enterprise software doesn't have to be boring. We solve complex business problems by building easy-to-use software that delights end users.

Explicit User-Friendly Interface Design

We provide you with a tailor-made UI design solution that best fits your unique business and application requirements. We believe that nothing can stop a web application from seeing the light of success if its end users are happy, which is possible if the end user can enjoy the features of your application with no or minimal guidance.

Resilient Architecture

A well-planned architecture and framework of a custom web application is the pillar and prime support of any successful application. Your application can be made fraud-proof with a well-designed framework as it ensures back end intelligence that constantly tracks its user logs. Moreover, an agile and resilient architecture not only sharpens the security standards but also makes the task of running your application much easier by minimizing the cost and time of scalability.

Post-implementation Review and Support

We understand that implementation, testing, and deployment of an application is just the beginning of a vast project. Thus, we also provide post-implementation support. We help you in studying, understanding and analyzing user behavior and make constant improvements to ensure better usage and ROI.

How we do it

Ease of use can make or break a digital experience. We work closely with our clients, researching, sketching, prototyping, iterating and testing solutions to ensure they’re simple, usable and delightful.


Educational Portal

This is a way to get students involved via interactive e-learning features. Acumen Digital builds apps for a more personal learning option.

e-Commerce Development Services

Our team will be happy to lend our web design services to promote your business, creating scalable solutions to attract new buyers and boost engagement from old ones.

ERP Development Services

Make your life easier with our modules to help you manage your business. Acumen Digital makes solutions that are cost-effective and focused on automatization and improving your customers’ experience with the business.

Business Development Tools

Those looking for a vitality shot to revive their business can turn to Acumen Digital for data analysis and data visualization as well as business tools.

Internet of Things (IoT) Development

IoT is the way of the future so jump on the chance to enter the next gen of solutions with systems custom-made for you by our team.

SAAS Development Services

Our team of experts is always ready to create secure, accessible, and efficient solutions.
What Our Clients Say.

They came highly recommended and they surpassed our expectations. We needed to develop a sophisticated internal application for our staffs within a short timeframe. They delivered on time and beyond our expectations due to time constraints.

Chiamaka SProject Manager
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